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Bishop's Message -September 2018


My Dear Fathers, Sisters and Laity,

    Once a girlfriend told her boyfriend, “My dear why didn’t you get me a present for my birthday?

He replied, “Well Lovie, you only told me to surprise you!”


(Now the boy is said to be recovering from head injury).

      September 8th   would be a surprise, special and sentimental day for all the Marian devotees. The reason for the joy is nothing but the great feast of the Nativity of our Lady of Mother Mary. We can ponder how great the joy of that day was not only for Joachim and Anne but also for her son Jesus Christ. We can imagine, to the extent humanly possible, what it must have been like for the eternal Son of God to be looking at the birth of the little girl who about 14 years later would become his own mother and give birth to Him. We can look at the baby Mary with the joy-filled eyes and hearts of her parents

       God the Father had Mary in his sights since the beginning of time. St. Paul tells us that he has “chosen us in [Christ] before the foundation of the world to be holy and immaculate in his sight” (Eph 1:4). How could He not be thinking of Mary as the icon of this divine election? We know that at the very instant of the fall, her advent was prophesied as the one in whom God would place an enmity for the serpent.

      Normally for us the celebration of a birthday is always an occasion to think with gratitude to God and to our parents for the gift of human life — and that is a very good thing to do! — but Mary’s birthday is a celebration of something more. She was born with a purpose, to be the Mother of God according to his humanity. She was born to conform her life to him. As we think about her birth, her early days, her upbringing and her life, it is natural for us to think of our own, and it is key for us to grasp that we, too, have been born with a similar purpose, to be conformed to Jesus in this life and, God-willing, forever. Sometimes in our Marian piety we can focus so much on her inimitable privileges — like her Immaculate Conception, the virginal conception and birth of Jesus, her raising the Son of God, her sharing in his passion, and her sharing even in her body in his resurrection and heavenly life — that we can miss the emulable qualities of her life.

     The great birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary presents that what she would like for us to give her would be to allow her to help us conform ourselves, like she was, to the image of her Son, to conform ourselves to his Word and let ourselves develop in accordance with it as she did; to conform ourselves to his holiness as she did; to conform ourselves to his proclamation of the Gospel as she did; to conform ourselves to his salvific suffering as she did; and to conform ourselves as she did to the newness of life He has given us by his triumph over sin and death.

      This is an excellent opportunity for each one of us to do something to show our love and appreciation for the Mother of God and our spiritual Mother. From all eternity, God in his infinite wisdom decreed that Mary would be the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She was with Jesus at all of the important moments throughout his life from the Incarnation, to his death on the cross. Before our Savior died, He gave his Mother to each one of us in giving her to his beloved disciple, St. John.

     On her nativity, let us all pray to her to keep us safe in the enclosed garden of her Immaculate Heart and protect us from the wiles of the Devil and lead all of us safely to Heaven.

Happy Birthday Dear Mother!

                                                                                                                                                 Yours in the Lord,

+ Lawrence Pius
Bishop of Dharmapuri

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